For those of you interested in becoming part of the project here is a guide to digging out the data. If your interest is in a particular League then please contact us first so that we can let you know what we've already got.

Here is a brief guide to what we are looking for and where to look; with apologies if you are already an experienced researcher!



These can be found normally in newspapers covering April/May but be aware that the season may be extended due to bad weather. Also it has been known that a paper will print a Final table at the time of the AGM which may well be in July. Be aware also that tables may appear on non sports pages or as an extra column elsewhere in the paper.


These would be the last table published for that season but with apparently outstanding fixtures. Check that the table is not FINAL as some seasons finished with fixtures not completed.

If the season continues beyond the table published, we would ask that you check and note the results of fixtures played and update the table manually.

• In both the above cases, please check the clubs participating at the beginning of a season as this, in comparing with the final table, will indicate any resignations/evictions during the season. 


In this unfortunate instance we would request you try and find the name of the champions and, by tracking fixtures, list the clubs who participated during that season.

• Please endeavour to find an use the full name of each club in all of the above options. HISTORY

We are looking initially at the setting up of the league and need a summary of where, when and by whom the League was formed. It may well be that a book exists on the history of the League which will cover this and a summary may be constructed from this. 

Likewise, if the League has disbanded a summary of this should be included in the history text.

Should the period you need to cover be considerable we would appreciate it if you would send updates now and again rather than the complete package at the end, especially if you are unable to provide the data on Excel for tables and Word (or compatible) for the history.

Thank you once more for your interest and we look forward to hearing from you. Please do not hesitate to contact Mel with any queries. Contact details can be found by clicking this link.

!! Good Luck !!