Further to the announcement in Issue 4 that Total Network Solutions’ Managing Director Mike Harris had offered to cover half the website costs, I am please to inform you all that the remaining balance has been covered by an anonymous donor.
I have tried to persuade him to allow me to give him credit as his contribution, alongside Mike’s, is of vast importance to both the project AND Welsh football itself, but he prefers anonymity!
A sincere thanks to both of them for their help and to Andrew Lincoln for offering to run the site for such an affordable fee.

There have been no significant updates to the tables of individual leagues since the last bulletin, but work on the Cardiganshire League is progressing well. The Lleyn and Gwyrfai Leagues have become clearer and research continues.
We have not had positive responses for these existing Leagues so anyone interested in researching the history and tables of those listed below please get in touch:
• Mid-Wales (South) League
(tables from 1960 are available – prior tables and history of founding needed )
• Rhymney Taff Ely Football Alliance
• Rhondda Football League
• Aberdare Valley Football League
• South Wales Amateur League
• Swansea Senior League
• Gwent County League
• Gwent Central Football League
• North Gwent Football League
• East Gwent Football League
• Port Talbot League
• Cardiff & District League
• Bridgend & District League
• Vale of Glamorgan League

As you will note they are all virtually South Wales leagues and, as with defunct leagues, we really do need a breakthrough in “recruitment” in that area.Hopefully we will get some response when the website is officially launched.

The site is now on line with our webmaster Andrew Lincoln slowly building up the vast amount of data that we already have to hand.
I’ll be discussing the official launch with Gavin Grosvenor this week but have already been on Radio Cymru’s Saturday AM programme Ar y Marc discussing the site. The BBC’s Gary Pritchard has offered to tackle the Anglesey League whist commentator David James has helped immensely with the Lleyn League – which in turn led to the expansion of our records on the Gwyrfai League.
David has also translated the homepage into Welsh so that eventually we can offer a bi-lingual site and Dyfrig Gwent of Radio Cymru has offered to help with text translations as time allows. You will see by accessing the site that we are to include the line-ups for all Wales’ international matches with the first 20 already on-line. The Welsh Cup section has been augmented with photos of the winning teams/clubs with more to be loaded. We will eventually be able to automatically inform viewers of site updates if they so wish. By registering with us they will receive e-mail notification when the site has been updated.
We have much to do and we need more hands to the wheel so please inform your friends of the project and get them interested enough to take on a local league.
Please forward me your comments so that we can keep the project moving.

Those directly involved with the project so far are:

  • Mel Thomas
  • Ian Garland
  • Aled Jones
  • Alun Evans
  • Peter Arrowsmith
  • Gavin Grosvenor
  • Dave Rapson
  • Alan Ahearne
  • Gareth Hughes
  • Clive Wyatt
  • Dave Collins
  • Tony Griffiths
  • Gwyn Jenkins
  • Vernon Jones
  • Gwynant Phillips
  • Bernard Steer MA
  • Gary Pritchard
  • David James
  • Gareth M Davies

Best wishes
Mel – 24/07/05