Mid-Wales in the 1920s
Ken Davies of Newtown has done sterling work on this subject and the rather complex situation in that area seems now a little more understandable. Ken continues to delve at the Library in Newtown for clarification on certain matters and is also trying to resolve issues with the Mid-Wales (South) League in the 50’s.

Mid-Wales (South) League
Research by Mel has uncovered the situation between 1950 and our previous file-start of 1962. There are still matters to resolve but Mr Price of Penybont United – a club ever present in the League – has been in touch and will be trawling Llandrindod Library and his own cuttings for missing data. League Secretary Paul Worts has also agreed to check the League minute books.
Brecon & District League
During searches into the Mid-Wales (South) League, tables for the Brecon & District League were discovered and this file has now been opened. Aled will be continuing this research as time allows.

Aberystwyth & District League
A January 2nd stint by Mel at the National Library managed to hit a run of final tables between the League’s inception in 1934 and 1960, with about four needing further clarification.
Richard Huws is contacting various League clubs for the missing seasons. The end is in sight for this research.

Cardiganshire League
A new website – at – has surfaced with the WFDA supplying some missing tables and the League supplying others in return. It is hoped that the League will co-operate with us early this year to complete the post-war tables.
Unfortunately, a quick glance in various newspapers covering the area between 1920 and 1934 looks very barren, but the League minute books may provide results that will enable tables to be constructed.

Terry Grandin has worked extremely hard to piece together the records and these should be available in full on the site soon.

Full International line-ups
Both Terry and Ian Garland are working hard to get these records completed and it is hoped that by the end of this year we will have gone a long way towards getting the complete file on-line.

Amateur line-ups
Ian Garland has made progress on the details of matches for the period 1921 to 1974 (when amateur internationals ended). All line-ups have been completed but there are still a few remaining match detail gaps to be filled.

Other news

Despite the optimism of the above research it is still only a few ‘members’ that are actively researching and South Wales is still relatively untouched.
We’d like to appeal for any reader/member in that area to consider taking on a league and top to tail it for the project.
We have also made some tentative enquiries regarding possible funding for the project. This may well involve a formal meeting to set up a constitution and elect officials and members will be informed of any progress here.
The suggestion was made that we gain funding for one person full-time for one year at the National Library of Wales in Aberystwyth.
Following consultation with Gwyn Jenkins of the National Library of Wales, it is suggested that a retired person or student might work part time researching local newspapers etc at NLW and elsewhere. This might cost up to £10,000 for a year part time. However if an approach is to be made to the Heritage Lottery Fund, the researcher would need to be supported by a team of volunteers in all parts of Wales, as HLF is keen on supporting voluntary ventures. The project needs to be worked out carefully and a meeting needs to be arranged.
This could well form the basis for future discussions should we follow the funding road.

Those directly involved with the project so far are:

  • Mel Thomas
  • Ian Garland
  • Aled Jones
  • Alun Evans
  • Peter Arrowsmith
  • Gavin Grosvenor
  • Dave Rapson
  • Alan Ahearne
  • Gareth Hughes
  • Clive Wyatt
  • Dave Collins
  • Tony Griffiths
  • Gwyn Jenkins
  • Gwynant Phillips
  • Bernard Steer MA
  • Gary Pritchard
  • David James
  • Gareth M Davies
  • Terry Grandin
  • Michael van Baaren
  • William Davies
  • Joe Furnival
  • Keith Parry
  • Rob Culley
  • Richard Huws
  • Mike Robinson
  • Ken Davies

Mel 12/01/08