Cup winners
Same Welsh Cup - different eras: Newtown White Star, the second-ever winners (1878) and Bala Town, winners in 2017.

THE Welsh Football Data Archive (WFDA) involved a number of researchers and historians within Wales and beyond, had a number of aims. The project began with an intention of compiling a full list of Welsh Cup match results from 1876 to the present day, and details of each final.

This was achieved and the end product was a more comprehensive set of results than that held by the FAW.

The intention was that in due course the archive would include the full results of all Wales international matches complete with team line-ups. There was also an intention to produce an archive of all the leagues that have existed in Wales and their histories, from the early attempts in the 1890s to the present day.

For the leagues, the long-term aim was to record the history including the formation of the league, its development and in most cases its demise, with as many final tables from the league’s lifespan as possible.

Where tables were not available, a list of champions and member clubs for each season in question is the desired alternative.

A list of the 90 or so leagues that are known to have existed in Wales was compiled and work on this part of the project was reasonably well advanced. Details of individual leagues were to be be added to the website as the work was completed.

Recent updates have been limited in a nature but the intention in 2018 is to begin adding much more data with regular updates.  More details have been added to the amateur and senior matches and more will follow as time permits.

The Welsh Football Data Archive is a major resource for football fans, historians, the media and of course the Football Association of Wales and is intended to provide a readily accessible source of detailed information on soccer, past and present, in Wales.   We will do our best to help with any queries but please note that information on specific players can be difficult to locate particularly if they did not play in the Welsh Premier League or the Football League.  We can be reached via our contact form Please ensure your email address is valid and your in-box is not full!  We were pleased to be able to answer a couple of queries recently only for the emails to 'bounce back'